AC Drives

Sinamics V20 for normal Application:

  • Easy to use & install, energy saving drives
  • Power Range: 0.12kW to 15kW
  • Integrated application & connection macros
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Coated PCBs, wide voltage range & advanced cooling design
  • Parameter loading without power supply
  • 1 Phase & 3 Phase model
  • Suitable for pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, small machine automation

Sinamics G120 (Modular type) & Sinamics S120 series are also available.

Sinamics G120 power range from 0.37kW to 250kW

Sinamics S120 power range from 0.12kW to 1200kW

For more information visit: Siemens