APFC Panel

Teknocrat's designs & manufactures customised Automatic Power Factor Correction systems to suit your electrical loads. For higher fluctuations in loads thyristorised switching type system is offered. The systems are proven in stringent electrical environment & so are reliable. Thanks to the continuous improvement culture at Teknocrat's. Customers are assured of the unity PF & related advantages such as incentives & reduced current related losses.

APFC panel is fully automatic in operation and can achieve desired power factor under fluctuating load conditions.


  • Modular design, Non-compartmentalized,
  • Color RAL 7035
  • Indoor, Floor mounted, cable entry from bottom.
  • Minimum joints hence better reliability and lower losses.
  • Special cables used hence withstands high temperature
  • Step switching
  • Capacitor duty contactors with Damping Resistors.
  • Microprocessor controlled relay
  • Switching option - Auto only
  • Protection class IP42
  • Capacitors -Varplus Heavy Duty Can type
  • Compatible
    • EC 61921
  • Wide Range
    • 100 KVAr to 400 KVAr


  • Consistencies in Power Factor under fluctuating load conditions.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Elimination of Power factor penalty.
  • Prevention of leading power factor


  • Fluctuating loads such as
    • Steel Rolling mills
    • Chemical industry
    • Cement plant
    • Sugar plant
    • Textile
    • Hospitals / Hotels
    • Building segment
    • Automobile industry etc
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