APFC Relays

Varlogic controllers permanently monitor the reactive power of the installation and control the connection and disconnection of capacitor steps in order to obtain the targeted power factor.


  • Microprocessor controlled relay
  • Display of voltage, current, Active power, Reactive power. THD Voltage, THD current.
  • Alarm indication for defective steps, low power Factor.
  • Automatic detection and usage of optimum capacitors.
  • 4-Quadrant operation for Generator application
  • Dual Power Factor contact for EB -DG application.
  • Current measuring 10mA - 5A
  • Higher resolution
  • Communicates on the Modbus network(NRC12)
  • Configuration
    • Phase - Neutral
    • Phase - Phase

Benefits :

  • Microprocessor relay
  • Easy programmable
  • Easy installation


  • APFC panels
    • Detuned Harmonic APFC panels
For more information visit: Schneider

  • APFC 147-112 & APFC148
  • 1 Phase LED display / 3Phase with inbuilt Multifunction meter (APFC148)
  • 8/12/14 steps
  • MODBUS RTU communication (APFC148)
For more information visit: Selec