LV aluminum VarPlus capacitors

These LV aluminum VarPlus capacitors were specially designed and engineered to deliver a long working life with low losses in standard, heavy-duty and severe operating conditions.


  • Available in standard duty, heavy duty & Gas Heavy Duty
  • High life expectancy up to 160,000 hours.
  • Voltage range: up to 690V
  • Power range: up to 30kvar (40 and 50kvar on request).
  • Temperature Class D (55�C).
  • Protection IP30 (IP54 on request).
  • Standards IEC 60831-1/-2.


  • A safe, reliable and high-performance solution for power factor correction
  • Easy installation & maintenance
    • Optimized design.
    • Vertical or horizontal installation.
    • Unique termination system for maintained tightening.
  • Safety
    • Self-healing.
    • Pressure-sensitive disconnector.
    • Discharge resistors fitted.
    • Finger-proof CLAMPTITE terminals.
    • High thermal efficienc
  • Compacity
    • Optimized geometric design for small dimensions and low weight.


  • Fixed and Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Compensation in real time
  • Compensation with detuned and tuned filters
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