Light pipe Day lighting System

Solar Lighting System has a light collector, light transfer pipe and light diffuser assembly. The entire system can deliver light into building spaces for length of 15 meters. To successfully daylight a space, the day lighting system should optimize sunlight collection to given climatic region. Sunlight collection system designed for certain regions are not effective for other climatic regions. Sky shade provides optimized design for light collection systems specific to regions. The Light pipe solar lighting system delivers clean light energy into building spaces giving a feel of well-being and saving electrical energy for lighting during Daytime. It delivers sunlight without any color shift. Working long-term in electric lighting is believed to be deleterious to health; working by daylight is believed to result in less stress and discomfort.


  • Light capture is high at low sun angles i.e.before 9 am and after 3 pm.
  • Extended day lighting hours
  • No heat up build
  • Uniform light dispersion
  • Daylight can reach false ceiling covered areas

How it works?

  • Light Collector (high impact strength and UV stable): Light collector delivers light effectively after collecting sunlight from all directions. This works even at low sun angles.
  • Reflective system: This system delivers high luminance with minimal light loss and without color shift even on cloudy days
  • Light diffuser: With the help of light diffuser, the intensified sunlight in light pipes is controlled and distributed into indoor spaces

We offer a wide range of Advanced Day lighting Solution. Norikool - ADS is an Advanced Day lighting Solution for Industries & Buildings. Sky shade for first time in India Introducing this Advanced Day lighting System that can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries. Norikool ADS can effectively replace profile translucent, Strip/Roof lights in industries. Unlike profiled translucent sheets, these systems are easy to fix and maintain, very less heat transfer, better transmission & distribution of light.


  • Day lighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings
  • High light transmission = 72 %
  • Uniform lighting distribution across the space
  • Double/Triple glazed system
  • Noise reduction
  • Factory manufactured metal Kerb for leak proof arrangement
  • Long life, maintenance free Day lighting solution
  • Warranty 5 Years
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