Energy Management System

Teknocrat's group is authorised system integrator of Schneider Ltd. for supply & integration of energy monitoring software.

This software empowers the energy manager to:

  • Measure the present trends of energy consumption of local & even distant location.
  • Comply with 50001:2011 global standard for energy management
  • Analyse the trends to locate wastage of energy & decide upon solutions.
  • Verify the effectiveness of energy conservation initiatives
  • Produce reliable data to top management to prove the investment decisions
  • Allocate energy costs to departments or equipment
  • Reduce peak demand surcharges
  • Can be viewed from remote location either on computer or smart phones
  • WAGES - Water,
  • Alarm generation by SMS or Emails possible
  • Reduce power factor penalties
  • Identify billing discrepancies
  • Verify quality of power
  • View the trends along with live image of the area.
  • Proven Global Platform
  • >16,000 installed systems
  • Sold in 70 countries

"World's best power monitoring platform"

-Very large internet co., 2013

In association with Schneider Electric.

For more information visit: Schneider Electric.