Power Supply


KB Electronics offers an international quality range of AC/DC SMPS including 19� rack compatible, open frame, chassis mount, DIN rail.

KB Battery charger

Robust fully Automatic Float/Boost Chargers by KB are suitable for all battery types, battery voltages and battery capacities (Ah).

Why use KB battery chargers?

  • Auto Float Boost Charger FCBC
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Portable, Automatic SMPS based
  • True CC/CV characteristics
  • Charge all type of batteries VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion
  • Inbuilt protections

Range of battery charger available:

  • 1.5KW � 3Kw
  • Battery Hybrid Backup Systems
  • Traction Battery Charger
  • 1500w Stand Alone
  • 6Kw Stand Alone
  • 600w Stand Alone

Battery charger is used in:

  1. Stationary battery plants
  2. Used in experiments, labs,etc.,