Solid state relays unlike EMR's make use of solid state electronics for the purpose of switching a given load. Functionally SSR works like a conventional relay / contactor offering several advantages to the user.

Features: -
  • Inbuilt snubber
  • Opto-isolation between Input output, so no direct contact
  • TRIAC/SCR for AC switching and Power Darlington transistor/ MOSFET for dc switching.
  • Zero cross Switching & Random Switching Available.
  • ERI heat Sinks also Available for all type of voltage & Current Ratings of SSR
  • Expandable, flexible PLCs with IO cards
  • No moving parts, hence longer life.
  • Low power consumption, compatible to IC logic or PLC
  • No contact bounce
  • Resistant to vibration, shock and humidity, salt spray & dirt
  • No arcing of contacts
  • Faster switching possible
The ERI Single phase short circuit protection SSR supports various the following specifications: -
  • Opto Isolation 2500VAC
  • Gets Protected against load Short Circuits
  • Zero Voltage Turn On
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Compatible (Sink Mode)
  • Output No Configuration
  • Built In Snubber
  • Chassis Mountable
  • Higher Load Cycle resistance
  • High Thermal Cycling Capacity
  • High Fusing Current
Application: -
  • Switching capacitor load, transformer loads ( Application)
  • Industrial Process Control Systems
  • Switching of single phase and 3 phase heaters
  • Proportional control of heaters in a process for achieving better accuracy
  • PLC based systems to achieve reliable I/O switching
  • Motor forward / reverse applications
  • Furnace & oven control
Available options: -


Available for:-

single phase, 3 phase power switching

Rating available:-

10A, 25A, 40A... 175A


Features: -
  • Supports Zero cross turn-on/Random turn-on type
  • Checks input status by Input LED
  • Socket Type/ Slim Detachable heat sink type/ detachable heat sink type/ integrated heat sink type