Wiring Harness / Wiring loom is systematic bunching of cables (control / Power) made ready as per the actual requirement alongwith the lugs or connectors to fit into the panel. The wiring Harness improves productivity & ensures quality. This reduces the wastage of cables and eliminates few costly accessories which are used in conventional way of wiring. Any semiskilled person can make the panel connections as fool proofing is ensured while manufacturing the bunch itself. Customer gets bunches duly wired, with connectors/lugs connected & ferruling done. The terminations & cable lengths are as per the exact actual requirement. This is achieved by designing a 'Nail Board' which ensures easy cable lying, bunching, dressing, ferruling, and connectors/lug crimping, finishing & testing. A looping chart is created to test the bunch. The finished bunches are tested for continuity & HV test.

Differentiating Initiatives

Due to continual improvement culture at Teknocrat's our wiring bunches are under green supply for the suppliers like Siemens, Atlas Copco, Crompton Greaves, CG Lucy to name a few. We ensure initiatives like Kaizen, Pokayoke, Root Cause Analysis, process approach to maintain the quality of the harness we produce. This is achieved through our highly motivated 30 members wiring harness team. The team is equipped with activity/application specific tools to ensure proper cutting, stripping & crimping of wiring bunches.

Benefits To Customers

  • Improves productivity.
  • Reduces connection mistakes.
  • Saves on cost for accessories.
  • A semiskilled person can make connections reducing the manpower cost.
  • Reduces logistic efforts as just need to order one item even for a complex bunch.
  • Makes customer more competitive


  • Low development time
  • In house competency of 'Nail Board' designing
  • Specialised in complex bunches
  • Trained team to ensure zero defect
  • Numerous Kaizens / Pokayoke initiatives to ensure quality
  • Waste reduction due to expertise in nail board designing & cable lying.